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Name:Pansy Parkinson
Birthdate:Aug 1
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:✧VERSE✧ acciolife
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Pansy Parkinsonis the only child of Fabian and Amandine Parkinson. Like the Malfoys, the Parkinsons are a pureblood wizarding family but were unable to produce a male heir, leaving Pansy solely in line for her family's fortune. She is a rich bitch, and a snob in every sense of the word. She loves having money, and loves spending it. She is never wanting for the finer things in life, and has no time of day for you unless she considers you someone important to her.

Pansy is best friend to Draco Malfoy and is the ultimate "fag hag". She goes through men more than she goes through underwear, but has never settled down. She doesn't need to work, and prefers to spend her time socialising with the London elite, however she does own a portion of Draco's Lumos nightclub industry and occasionally will put in a days work here or there if she feels like it. She lives in large Kensington manor house which she shares with a string of servants and a Cavelier King Charles Spaniel called Armadeus. Draco is her closest friend, and she was in love with him once. She was devastated when Lucius Malfoy arranged the married between Draco and Astoria Greengrass, and she didn't speak to the Malfoy heir for six months in the wake of it. They soon reunited, however, and are now as close as ever. She would literally die for him, and they are never out of contact for very long.

Pansy has absolutely no time for Gryffindors or Weasleys, and don't even mention the name 'Harry Potter' to her or you're guaranteed to be met with a string of unladylike expletives...

verse info
Pansy's main verse and just about everything contained in her journal is linked to the Post-Hogwarts Harry Potter PSL verse [community profile] acciolife. Her history is paralleled to that detail in Draco's profile.

rp & contact
Pansy or her mun can be contacted via her VOICEMAIL POST

The character of Pansy Parkinson is the propery of JK ROWLING and belongs to the copyrighted world of Harry Potter. This journal is for roleplaying and muse purposes only. No profit is made from this. All Harry Potter characters, references and concepts belong to JK ROWLING. Pansy is portrayed by actress Keira Knightley, who I have no affiliation with whatsoever.

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